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With more than 15 years of experience, we understand that no two clients are the same, even if their projects are similar.

Our vast knowledge and skills enable us to approach every client and project with a fresh perspective. We listen carefully to our clients, taking the time to understand their unique needs and preferences, so we can give them the home of their dreams.

Our goal is to make the entire home design process stress-freeand enjoyable for our clients. We want them to look back on the experience witha fondness for years to come. Let AE Designs be your trusted partner for yournext personalized home design project.

Our Lead Architect/Senior Project Manager

Alexi Ebanks lead Architect at AE Designs is a highly skilled and innovative Architect with a passion for creating captivating and functional spaces. With 15 years of experience in the industry, they have successfully completed a diverse range of projects, including luxury residential, commercial, and public spaces in the Cayman Islands. Their exceptional creativity, attention to detail, and ability to translate clients' visions into reality make them a sought-after professional in the field. With a strong understanding of architectural principles, materials, and construction techniques,

Alexi consistently delivers aesthetically pleasing designs that harmonize with their surroundings while meeting clients' unique needs. Their portfolio showcases a versatile range of styles, from contemporary minimalism to sustainable and eco-friendly designs. Alexi holds a bachelor of science degree in Architecture and Construction Management from the Institute of Technology of Rhode island, graduating with honors in 2010

With a wealth of management experience gained from collaborating with renowned industry leaders like Dart Realty, Encompass Cayman, Heritage Holdings, Alexi has demonstrated their ability to successfully oversee intricate projects valued at nearly $100 million.


At AE Designs, we're a complete start-to-finish service for all your architectural needs. From design to construction, we work with you to create the perfect project- whether it's a building, interior, or landscape.  Our mission is to turn your vision into reality. Using the most advanced technology like building information modeling (BIM), we craft your dream project with precision and care. Trust us to give you the project you've always wanted.

Our Values:

At AE Designs our core values are foundational principles that guide its operations, design processes, and interactions with clients. One crucial value is Design Excellence, which signifies a commitment to creating architecturally significant and sustainable structures that enhance the built environment.

Client Satisfaction is another important value, emphasizing a service-oriented approach to meet and exceed client expectations. Innovation is essential for keeping up with evolving design trends and technologies, pushing the firm to constantly explore new methodologies and solutions.

Integrity forms the backbone of the firm's operations, ensuring honesty and transparency in all dealings, from client relations to procurement practices. Sustainability, reflecting the firm's commitment to environmentally responsible and energy-efficient design solutions, acknowledges the role architecture plays in addressing climate change.

Lastly, Collaboration encourages teamwork and open dialogue within the firm and with clients, fostering a sense of shared responsibility towards successful project outcomes.

Experience in the Cayman Islands

  • Completed Projects ranging from $250,000 to $30M

  • Private Residences

  • Major Renovations

  • Apartment Development

  • Land Subdivision

  • Mixed-Use Development

  • Resort & High-Rise Condominium

  • Commercial Projects

  • Office Fitout

  • Industrial / Warehouse Projects