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As a leading architectural consultancy in the Cayman Islands, webring over 15 years of experience to the table. Our expertise spans across residential, commercial, hospitality, and mixed-use developments. We're committed to partnering with you to bring your design vision to life. Trust us to be your local design experts.

Welcome to our architectural space, where technical expertise meets boundless creativity! At AE Designs we are a passionate team of architects, designers, and visionaries who thrive on transforming concepts into tangible, awe-inspiring structures. Our unwavering commitment to both the art and science of architecture sets us apart, allowing us to craft spaces that not only captivate the senses but also stand the test of time.

With a deep understanding of architectural principles, advanced technologies, and sustainable practices, we approach each project with meticulous attention to detail. Our technical prowess enables us to tackle complex challenges head-on, employing innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible. From sustainable design and energy-efficient solutions to seamless integration of cutting-edge materials, we strive to create architectural marvels that harmonize with the environment and enhance the lives of those who inhabit them.

At AE designs we don't just design buildings; we sculpt dreams. We invite you to explore our virtual gallery and embark on a journey that celebrates the fusion of technical ingenuity and artistic expression. Join us as we redefine the boundaries of architecture, one visionary project at a time.

Project Type

New buildings

  • residential

  • commercial

  • hospitality

  • mixed-use

Existing buildings alterations

  • residential

  • commercial

  • hospitality

  • mixed-use

AE Designs Architecture Approach

Our architecture design approach is a comprehensive and strategic process that encompasses various stages to deliver exceptional design solutions. We begin by gathering project requirements and conducting thorough research and analysis to understand the client's needs, market trends, and industry best practices. With a focus on user experience, we develop intuitive and visually captivating designs that align with the client's brand identity and target audience. Our approach combines creativity, functionality, and sustainability to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, practical, and environmentally conscious. Through effective collaboration with engineers and consultants, we ensure seamless integration of structural and building systems. We prioritize attention to detail and create comprehensive documentation to guide the construction process. Throughout the project, we provide support and address any challenges that may arise. Our approach encompasses post-construction evaluation to assess the performance of the design and gather feedback for continuous improvement. Overall, our architecture design approach aims to deliver innovative, sustainable, and client-focused solutions that enrich the built environment.


Design Services

  • Schematic & Conceptual Design

  • Design Development

  • Construction Documents

  • Construction Administration

  • Engineering Services and Consultant Management

  • Planning Coordination and Submisison

  • 3D Image and Video renderings

Project Management Services

  • Tender & Bidding Documentations

  • Construction Management & Coordination

  • Construction Estimates & BOQ (Bill of Quantities)

  • Cost & Feasibility Studies

  • Procurement & Logistics Management

News & Opinion

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